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Resume prices vary depending on the writing services required, length of resume, and other add-on services requested by customers (see all  services and products listed below)

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Job Search Products & Services (Listed Below):

  • Resume Preparation (Word)
  • Resume Preparation (PDF)
  • Text Formatted Resume
  • Cover Letter 
  • References 
  • Salary History 
  • Recruiter Letter 
  • Follow-Up Letter 
  • Thank-You Letter
  • Resume Built/Posted on Internet
  • LinkedIn

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Hot Resume Tip: 

An Executive Job Search for Executive Employment demands the highest quality of Resume Writing skills. A Resume Writer, skilled and experienced in preparing resumes for high-level individuals, gives you the best chance of securing new employment.
Hot Resume Tip:
An Executive Career doesn't happen by accident. It takes hard work and commitment to achieve an executive level position and stay on top you need the "Best Resume" you can possibly have. We specialize in writing "Great Resumes."


Hot Resume Tip:
A Marketing Resume and a Sales Resume often accentuate different skills. A Marketing Resume may market your analytical skills (used for market research and marketing strategy development), where a Sales Resume may market your communication skills (used to close the sale and relationship building).


Explanation of Resume Services and Products:

Professional Resume:
A resume tells "your story," using key words and expert formatting to grab attention, gain more interviews, and sell your strengths, skills, abilities and accomplishments in an easy-to-read format. An experienced professional like you needs to "look your best" on paper and we know how to make you "look your best."

Text Formatted Resume:
Used on the Internet when you are asked to copy and paste a resume into an e-mail message, and for pasting on Internet job boards. If you try to copy and paste a Microsoft Word document, the formatting splits apart. Both versions are needed (Text format and Word format).

Cover Letter:
A professionally prepared Cover Letter is not only proper etiquette, it offers the first opportunity to gain the interest of your potential new employer. With a professional Cover Letter, you significantly increase your chances of landing the interview.

Why include a Biography with your resume? For executive positions, it provides the prospective employer with a more personalized view of your life and background, and works well in tandem with a complex professional resume that  communicates your in-depth work history.

Follow-Up Letter:
This is a letter sent to a potential employer 10 days after sending your resume, when you receive no response back. It tells them you are still interested and shows your follow-up skills (perseverance is what wins jobs).

Recruiter Letter:
Used as a cover letter when sending your resume to recruiters. For high wage earners, recruiters can be very helpful.

Be prepared when the prospective employer asks you for a list of references (usually 3-5 names with contact information).

Salary History:
You may be asked for this document that lists your job titles, company names and salary information for each position.
We build/post your resume on this popular job board, providing you with the opportunity to be seen by employers. If your resume is listed on, it is much like standing next to a busy highway that everyone is traveling on. 


"As we discussed at length over the phone, my company was acquired by a large competitor from the West Coast. They already had  their key management people in place before the acquisition, so they let  go the top management team from my company, including me. A recruiter  called me two weeks before my final day with my company. He asked for my  resume, which thanks to your help, I immediately e-mailed to him. Within 10 days he had scheduled three appointments with companies within 60 miles of where I live. Not only did I land a new Plant Manager's position, with a pay increase of 20%, but I now drive less miles to work than to my previous employer. The recruiter felt my resume gave me the edge that helped me land the job. He asked for your phone number and e-mail and said he would be sending job candidates to you to have their resumes written professionally. I couldn't have done it without you Bob.  Thanks again."

Daniel B.

Hot Resume Tip:
Writing a Resume that produces interviews takes an understanding of Resume Formats, Key Words, and Advertising principles. Resume formats have changed significantly over the last fifteen years.