Testimonials from Resume Clients


Testimonial: Marketing Director (James R.)

"Your help on my resume was invaluable. You probably remember that I 

had been out of work for six months after working in Europe for an American company. I was feeling pretty down when I contacted you. Due to a shift in European buying habits, sales at my previous company fell significantly and I lost my job. Bob, you did a great job of bringing out my "transferable skills" and my accomplishments on the resume, which helped me land a new job in a completely different industry. It feels great to be working again. My current position is Marketing Director for a large transportation company with direct responsibility for North, Central and South America. You were great to work with and I'll recommend you to all my executive  friends."

Resume Tip: A CV Resume (Curriculum Vitae) is used for jobs in the education, medical and science fields.

Resume Tip: A resume for a Project Manager communicates individual projects with client's company name, scope of project (dollar amount), and short description of project. Project Managers and Engineers quite often have longer resumes.


Testimonial: Senior Sales Manager (Sheldon P.)
"As a Senior Sales Manager with previous responsibility for over $400+

million in annual sales (domestically and  internationally), I have hired hundreds of sales management personnel and salespeople over the last twenty years. When I was doing the hiring,  I never thought much about resumes. So, when the time came that I needed a resume, I looked on the Internet and found you. Bob, you did a  great job of educating me on the value of a great looking resume. I was  friends with a CEO who knew another CEO who was looking for a top Sales Management professional to run his entire worldwide sales operation. Bob, I can't tell you how many times he commented on how professional and well-written the resume was. I'm now in a higher paying position with more perks and more responsibility. I believe the resume sealed the  deal. Particularly the accomplishments section. Thank you Bob. You're  the best!"

Resume Tip: A Sales Resume needs to show accomplishments like: increased sales by 14% over previous year; landed 7 new accounts; recaptured 3 former accounts in  2007 that resulted in increased sales revenues of $642,000.

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